March 30, 2023
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Safe Online Casino Sites

If you want to gamble online with real money, it is important that you choose a reliable and trusted online casino.

These are our top recommendations for safe online casinos.

Many people are unsure if online gambling can be trusted and fair. How can you tell if the site is going to pay out? What sites will protect your privacy? These concerns are legitimate as some sites that offer scam gambling don’t protect their customers. It can be difficult to determine which sites are safe and which should be avoided.

Two ways we can help you are what we do. We recommend the best casinos online. We also explain how to protect yourself online gambling. You can read the rest of the page to learn why we recommend the safest online casinos as well as how to spot scams.

How to Find Trustworthy Online Casinos

When it comes to online gambling, it is best to be skeptical. That includes being skeptical about recommendations, such as ours. To help you be certain that you can trust our recommendations, we want to explain the process we use to choose the safe online casinos we recommend.

Before we recommend any gambling site, we test it ourselves. We go through all the steps of withdrawing money, depositing money and gambling. This allows us to see how the site functions in all aspects. To find out how long it takes for customer service to respond, we even call them.

After the initial review, we move on to researching the casino operator and its company. These are the safety features that we look for.

  • Reasonable terms and Conditions – We carefully review the policies of the casino to avoid any suspicious or predatory behavior.
  • Secure Sockets layer (SSL) – Safe casinos require secure sites that are encrypted to protect your financial data. We use the SSL level to determine how secure the site is.
  • Software providers who are trustworthy – How fair the games are can have an impact on how they pay out and what their reputation is. We only recommend online casinos that partner with trusted software companies.
  • Licensing – Online casinos that are trusted must be licensed by the appropriate online gambling authority. Some regulators are more strict than others.
  • Audits- Online casinos that are safe should be subject to regular audits. These audits will check for fairness, business practices, and other issues. They probably have something to hide if they are not audited.
  • Modern programming- Online casinos must use modern programming to compete on the gambling market. The site should also be simple to navigate. Broken links and outdated software are indicators of something more sinister.
  • Fair games- It is not a good idea to play casino games that are rigged so you don’t win. To ensure that the games work as they should, we test them ourselves.

Before we recommend a site as an online casino, we do our best to learn as much information as possible. This includes doing research and using the site.

Our Reviews and Recommendations are Trustworthy

Many other websites offer suggestions for safe casinos. Many of these sites do the same research as we do in order to recommend safe casino sites.

Why should you trust their recommendations? While we cannot tell you what happens at their end, we can tell you some things about ourselves.

  • We do not accept any money for positive reviews.
  • Our casino reviews cover both the positives as well as the negatives.
  • We don’t accept bribes to get higher positions in our recommendations lists.
  • Regular updates are made to our reviews and recommendations. When we discover new information, we adjust our rankings or recommend changes.
  • Our team has more than 15 years experience in online gambling. Our team has played at the most prestigious and worst online gambling sites so we know what to expect.

These are the sites that we recommend to family and friends. They are also the ones we use ourselves.

You should also remember that we review a broad range of criteria. To ensure that you have a positive gambling experience, thoroughness is key. These factors include:

  • Are you able to trust the licensing information on the site?
  • Are you able to provide customer service in a friendly, non-invasive way?
  • Does the site disclose information about return-to player percentages for their games?
  • Is safety compromised by the mobile experience?

You can trust that our honest reviews about these trusted online casinos will give you the truth. When you choose a site we recommend, that should bring you peace of mind.

The Best Online Casinos for US Players

While everyone should be cautious when gambling online, it is especially important for American gamblers. The federal laws protecting online gamblers are not well-recognized and enforced by the US government. Many scammers can evade the law and deceive Americans.

Even though all this may sound very dire, there are many safe online casinos that accept US players. These casinos offer convenient gambling options that you can enjoy with no risk to your financial and personal information. These sites will also pay you promptly if you win.

One of these recommendations could be taken blindly and you’ll have an amazing experience. We recommend that you research these trusted online casinos to find out if they have anything that matches your expectations. This will ensure you find a secure online casino that is also a good match.

Wild Casino – Large Payouts

How online gambling operators handle payouts can often be a sign that a casino is safe from scams. To ensure that they can pay out quickly, they must use responsible business practices. We look for high withdrawal limits as one indicator.

Wild Casino has one of the highest withdrawal limits, making it one of the most secure casinos to gamble with money. You can withdraw up to $100,000 from all of their cryptocurrency banking options. A wire transfer can be used to get as much as $25,000

Compare this to sites that have limits of $2,000 and $5,000. Wild Casino manages their funds well, if they are able to offer $100,000 payouts within 1-3 days processing times. Wild Casino is known for being one of the safest online casinos.

  • They offer a wide range of games, including two live dealer studios.
  • For your first deposit, you can receive up to $5,000 in matching funds
  • Additional incentives for cryptocurrency users include multiple crypto-specific bonuses.

Wild Casino offers high withdrawal limits for high-stakes players. Everybody else will be impressed by the wide range of games, bonuses and banking options. Wild Casino is a safe and secure casino website.

Las Atlantis – Regular Auditing

Las Atlantis, another safe gambling site we recommend. The site’s security and fair gaming sections will provide all the information you need about security features.

To protect player data, they use 256-bit SSL encryption. Technical Systems Testing is an auditing company that regularly tests games and software to ensure fairness.

Players can reach the Central Dispute System website from any Las Atlantis page. The Central Dispute System, a mediation service, will assist you in any dispute regarding payment.

These organizations are very popular in the online gambling industry. They provide protection for both customers and casinos. You can be sure that all the games on Las Atlantis are fair as you would expect from one of the most secure online casinos. There are many other games. These are just a few of the many things you’ll love about Las Atlantis.

  • For both new and existing customers, there are ten different bonus offers. You can choose which bonus offer works best for your needs.
  • Las Atlantis does not charge transaction fees for withdrawals or deposits.
  • This site features an underwater theme, which showcases the most recent software and programming features.

Las Atlantis is a great gambling site, especially because they offer many free spins bonuses. They offer fast, hassle-free transactions that every gambler will appreciate.

This is the best online casino for real-money gambling. It has a unique theme and allows you to withdraw Bitcoin easily.

El Royale – Third Party Mediation

Let’s face the facts: Even the most secure online casinos can have problems. Technology is a complex area and hackers can always access the system. El Royale has taken this into account by selecting gaming software that takes this into account.

El Royale is operated in conjunction with Real Time Gaming. This safeguard is known as the Central Disputes System or CDS. A third party can decide if a question is being asked about fairness in a game.

El Royale provides standard protections, which will allow you to feel confident in its reputation as one of the most secure online gambling sites. It is licensed by Curacao, which ensures that all gambling operators adhere to high standards of safety. This online casino’s owners also own other sites that have excellent reputations.

It is also nice to find casinos that offer additional perks, so your gambling experience can be as enjoyable as secure. These perks are available at El Royale, which includes these:

  • A great list of bonuses. The welcome bonus is a huge 240%, but you can go on to receive a variety of promotions.
  • It is a well-designed website. It not only looks cool but also makes it easy to navigate to the different locations.
  • All players from Australia and the US are welcome. This site is open to gamblers from Australia and the US.

El Royale’s customer service is outstanding. They are available 24 hours a day and will respond quickly. There are many ways to reach them, including via live chat, telephone or e-mail.

Even though El Royale has only been around for a short time, we believe it delivers as an online casino that is safe and secure. There are no security concerns to worry about when you play at El Royale. This level of security is invaluable in online gambling.

Bovada Casino – Stellar Reputation

Reputation should not be confused with popularity when it is about online gambling sites. While many sites gain popularity quickly when they start, it can be difficult to build a reputation. Bovada is a trusted site for safe gambling, as you will quickly discover from other bettors.

Bovada is the most popular online gambling site for Americans. It’s not because of the trust that the operators and owners have built over many years. They wouldn’t have the reputation or popularity if they were cheating people.

You can see the cash flow when there are so many people playing at a casino. This means that you don’t need to worry about being paid if your winnings are big. You have plenty of money to cover your winnings.

Bovada is a trusted gambling site. What are some other reasons Bovada is so safe? These are just a few of the recommending characteristics:

  • Bovada’s SSL technology will ensure that your connection is always secure. There will be no hackers able to access your Bovada account.
  • The payouts are processed quickly. Site employs more people than average gambling enterprises, so there is more staff available to approve your payments.
  • It encourages the use of Bitcoin, which may be the most secure online gambling method. Bitcoin can offer you more bonuses than other payment methods.

Bovada also has a respected sportsbook. You can open an account on both the sportsbook and gambling site to keep your gambling all under one roof. There is less chance that you will end up on an unsafe site because you won’t need to sign up for multiple sites.

Bovada has reached a level where it is well-known to all who gamble online. Sometimes, this kind of reputation can lead you to become complacent. This site does everything possible to maintain its reputation as one the most secure online casinos.

Ducky Luck Casino – Top Transparency

One red flag for unsafe sites is their attempts to conceal key aspects of the operation. Because they don’t want the public to know the truth about their site’s rules and conditions, they do this. Ducky Luck is the opposite. Everything is made clear for you to see.

You will see their terms and conditions if you wish to take advantage of one of their great bonuses. A list of frequently asked questions will help you with many common issues, so you don’t need to call customer service. You can also access the site’s privacy policies by clicking a separate link.

This information is not hidden away in a dark corner. It’s all made public for easy access. Ducky Luck is a secure online casino that has nothing to hide.

Do you want more proof that Ducky Luck should be one of the safest sites you use? Have a look at these:

  • There are many games to choose from, and a live casino option is available so you can have your games managed by staff for a real casino feel.
  • The names of jackpot winners are prominently displayed. This is evidence that people have won big at Ducky Luck. It also shows the transparency of the site.
  • Ducky Luck has more payment options than any other site. This includes cryptocurrenies other than Bitcoin, for those who own a variety digital coins.

Ducky Luck might not be the best name for you. You shouldn’t let the cutesy theme fool you or the fact they’ve been around for so long. Safety is a top priority for those in charge of this site.

If you are looking for a new site that is safe and secure, we recommend them. This is a rare combination in today’s online gambling world.

Ducky Luck Review

Fast Payments – An excellent feature of safe online casinos

When searching for the best casino sites, fast payouts may not be your first consideration. Payout policies can be more important than you realize. These policies are a great way to find secure online casinos.

Every day, online casinos handle thousands of transactions and bets. They will be responsible if they are trusted online casino sites. This means they will have enough cash on hand to pay any customer who requests a withdrawal. They have also established reasonable payout policies.

Online casinos that do not have enough cash will hold off on paying out or alter their policies in order to avoid paying. This is an indication that the company isn’t operating responsibly. These are some examples of responsible policies for legit casinos apps and websites, as well as some examples of policies for suspicious sites.

Standard Policies Among Safe Casino Gambling Sites:

  • For identity and transaction verification, processing time is approximately 1-3 business days
  • Slow payments due to factors beyond the control of the site (e.g. bank verification or mail delivery delays)
  • When they promise, the site will deliver payments
  • Reasonable withdrawal limits (typically around $5,000.00 per week)
  • Multiple withdrawal options
  • Customer service that responds quickly to your questions
  • Payments are delayed due to the need for additional documentation
  • Payments are denied due to cheating or violations of site policy

Suspicious Policies:

  • Unexpected processing times of more than 2 weeks
  • The payment time estimates can change frequently
  • Limits on maximum withdrawals are low
  • Customer service representatives won’t give you an honest answer.
  • Without explanation, payments delayed or denied
  • Payouts are only available through limited banking options
  • Site frequently changes payout policies
  • No matter what banking method you use, payouts can take longer than a month.
  • Accept partial payments in lieu of the full withdrawal amount

You own the money in your bank account. Online casinos that are trusted can quickly get your money.

Avoid any site that takes too long to get your money to them. They should not make excuses for putting off your withdrawal or changing the time of your withdrawal, which is a red flag.

These are the payment times we recommend for safest online casino sites. This will help you understand the processing times for different banking methods.

Casino Bank Method 1 Bank Method 2 Bank Method 3 Bank Method 4
Vegas Casino Online BitcoinIn less than 48 hours Direct Deposit5-7 business days You can also check by mailMaximum 2 weeks Send your request by courierMaximum 2 weeks
Super Slots CryptocurrencyIn less than 48 hours Send your request by courierMaximum 2 weeks Bank wire transfer7-15 business days NA
Las Atlantis Bitcoin1-3 business days Visa3-4 business days Mastercard3-4 business days Bank Wire5 business days
Wild Casino CryptocurrencyIn less than 48 hours Send your request by courierMaximum 2 weeks Bank wire transfer7-15 business days NA
BetUS Cryptocurrency24-48 hours Send your request by courierMaximum 2 weeks Bank wire transfer7-15 business days NA

Another guide is also available where we offer tips on how to quickly get paid.

How to Avoid Rogue Online Casinos

Avoiding scam websites is as important as finding trustworthy online casinos. It is hard to avoid scam sites if you don’t know what you’re looking for. These are some of the red flags that we use to spot rogue casinos sites.

  • Their site does not list any gambling licenses. The licenses they do not list can also be invalidated.
  • Licenses are sometimes offered by organizations without player protection policies. These organizations offer licenses to sites that are interested in doing something.
  • It could be an indication of pirated software if the paytables for certain games differ from one site.
  • Another red flag is flashy promotions that have unreasonable terms and conditions. Online casinos that are legitimate have fair playthrough requirements.
  • Email scams using bogus promotional offers
  • Problems with delayed or denied payments
  • Refusing to pay Jackpot winners

The most serious problems are with withdrawals and payments. These red flags should be immediately reported and you should cash out as soon as possible. It is difficult to identify rogue online casino operators as they often operate below the radar . They can hide their activities by using anonymity on the internet.

One example is when clients have trouble getting paid, but they believe it’s a fluke. Customers don’t speak to each other, so they don’t realize that it’s a common problem.

Online gambling communities have used forums and other digital resources in order to identify sites that offer unsafe online casinos. A blacklist has been created to identify scammers who do not offer real-money casino gambling. This is not an exhaustive list. However, you can take precautions and avoid these scammers.

Tips for Online Gambling Safety

You can protect yourself online by choosing safe casinos sites. But that’s just the beginning. These are some tips to help you protect yourself when gambling online using safe casino apps.

The Footer

The footer at bottom of a page can give you a lot of information about a gambling website. This is because licensing agencies require that specific information be displayed. The footer should include information about the licensing authority, preferred bank methods, the testing organization, and problem gambling.

The logos used by most trusted online casinos to represent various companies and organizations are very popular. You might find hyperlinks in some logos to take you to additional information. You should test the links. Broken links that lead to error pages may indicate that the site has not licensed the logo.

Legit online casinos must also post their terms and conditions. You will be able to easily verify that the site has been audited and licensed.

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Find out more about the Licensing Authority

Now that you’ve verified that a site is licensed to gamble, it’s time to find out more about the person who granted it. There are many policies that different licensing agencies follow. Some policies are more stringent than others.

The UK Gambling Commission has policies regarding sites that monitor return to player percentages. Before a site can be licensed, it must also provide financial information.

Curacao is an extremely hands-off licensing authority. They provide broad gambling licenses with few requirements. These differences mean that you’ll find the UKGC licenses the most secure online casinos.

However, this doesn’t make Curacao sites untrustworthy. The UKGC has more rules than they do. This is a resource that you can use to learn more about the licensing policies of various authorities.

Problem Gambling Prevention

Online casinos that are not legitimate seek to make a profit regardless of who is hurt. Secure casinos want the best for their customers, even those with problem gambling habits.

The safest online casinos offer options to stop problem gambling. These are just a few of their prevention options.

  • Autoplay loss limits – Online casino games that are safe often offer autoplay options. This allows players to not have to repeatedly press the spin/bet buttons. These features should be able to allow you to set loss limits to ensure you don’t lose any more money.
  • Player controls – Many safe casino sites and apps allow you to set time and deposit limits. This way, you won’t be able to deposit money if you lose it, and you won’t have to gamble all day.
  • Self-exclusion – Self-exclusion can be one of the best ways to combat gambling addiction in land-based casino. Secure mobile casinos or websites let you self-exclude for as long as you need.
  • Low deposit limits – Recreational gamblers are unlikely to want to place more than a few thousand on online gambling. Problem gamblers are prohibited from depositing more money than they can afford.

Because they care about their customers, trusted online casinos and websites will use these and other methods to prevent problem gambling. Although you might not use the player control or self-exclusion options, it is worth checking to make sure.

These prevention methods can be used, or not. They are a sign that the site is trustworthy and reliable.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Page

We get it. Nobody wants to read the terms and conditions. USA Today reports that 91% agree to terms and conditions without ever reading them. Today’s virtual society has made it a common practice to click the box and agree without ever reading the terms. If you want to gamble online securely, this is not the right thing.

Safe online gambling requires that you carefully read the terms and conditions. Many predatory terms are included in rogue websites that make it difficult to withdraw funds. Many online casinos offer a welcome bonus that requires you to wager a certain amount.

To make sure that people don’t accept bonus funds without playing any games, the wagering requirement is in place. Online casinos that are safe have wagering requirements between 20-50x. Websites that have wagering requirements exceeding 70x make it nearly impossible to withdraw enough money.

You agree to these terms and conditions. The bonus site may hold your funds until the wagering requirement is met. It is important to understand exactly what you are agreeing. You can only do this by reading the terms and conditions page.

Secure Connections and Passwords

When you use trusted online casinos, it is your responsibility to ensure that you only use secure connections and devices.

If your account is hacked due to an insecure connection, there are no remedies available. These are some things you can do in order to protect yourself.

  • Keep your device up-to-date. Software updates are often included with security and anti-virus measures. It is much easier to hack outdated software, which can expose your data.
  • Secure and private wifi networks are available. Public networks are not secure. Your bank information and other data can be accessed by anyone on the same network. When you play at the most secure mobile casinos, it is safer to use your mobile data network.
  • Use strong passwords, and make sure to change them often. Your password should contain numbers, letters, special characters, and a combination of both. Your pin number or birthday information should not be used as a password.
  • When gambling on a mobile device, turn off Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity allows other people to easily connect to your device to access your information.
  • Never share your password or other identifying information. Customer service can verify your address, birthday, and telephone number if you contact them. They don’t need to know your password or credit card numbers. Email addresses are not required for secure casino websites and apps.
  • Use common sense. Do not click on a link that seems suspicious or out of place.

These practices can be applied to other online activities as well, but are even more important when financial information is involved. It’s better to be proactive than reactive when there is a problem.

You can protect yourself online by verifying licensing information, understanding terms and conditions, as well as using secure connections.

Online Casino Apps for Real Money Gambling: Are they safe?

Some people believe it’s safer to use a computer online to gamble than a tablet or cell phone. This is not always true. You can gamble anywhere you are with safe mobile casinos All the safe and reliable real money casinos that we recommend are compatible with mobile devices. Access their website from your mobile device in the same way as you do on the computer.

Because they use the same software, there is no difference in the mobile and desktop versions of the site. However, you still have to take precautions to ensure your safety. It is equally important to choose the most secure mobile casino as you would for a computer.

You need to ensure that your connection is secure if you plan to use trusted casinos apps while on the move. Wifi networks may not be always secure. When you play games on your smartphone, don’t connect to public WiFi networks. You should also ensure that you aren’t connected to Bluetooth.

Gambling on an app or mobile website is as safe as playing on your computer if you follow these simple rules. You can gamble online regardless of what device you use. You only need to choose a licensed online casino that is reputable and use internet security techniques to protect yourself. The top page has a list of safe online casinos.

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